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2000+ Physics questions answered
AC circuits, complex
AC circuits, simple
AC/DC circuit constructor
AC generator action
AC generator action #2
Animated engines
Buoyant force
Capacitance #1
Capacitance #2
Capacitance #3
Capacitance #4
Capacitance #5
Capacitance #6
Capacitance #7
Centripetal force
Collisions; elastic and inelastic
Color, why things have it
Converging lenses
DC circuit construction
DC generator action
DC motor
Defraction of light
Dopler effect
Electromagnetic wave
Energy skate park
Engine simulator
Faraday's Electromagnetic lab
First law of thermodynamics
Force equilibrium
Force simulator
Force simulator #2
Forces in one dimension
Four stroke engine in 3D
Hooks law simulation
How a CD works
How a computer microprocessor is made #1
How a computer microprocessor is made #2
How a computer microprocessor is made #3
How a hard drive works
How a heat pump works
How a laser works
How a metal dector works
How a microwave oven works
How a MRI works
How a neon light works
How a speaker works
How a transformer works
Hydrostatic pressure
Inclined plane
Interference of light at a double slit
Interferance of two waves
Kepler's first law
Kepler's second law
Kepler's Laws
Lenz's Law
Lever simulation
Lorentz force
Lunar lander
Magnetic poles
Magnetic field lines
Magnetic field of a bar magnet
Magnetic filed of a straight current-carrying wire
Maze game
Micrometer usage
Motion in one dimension
Motion with constant acceleration
Newton's cradle
Newton's Second Law experiment
Parabolic flight
Pendula, coupled
Pendulum, simple
Pendulum, spring
Photoelectric effect
Projectile motion simulator
Pulley simulation
Ohm's Law
Ohm's law #2
Oscillating circuit
Reflection and refraction
Refracting telescope
Refraction of light
Resistor color codes
Second law of thermodynamics
Spectroscopic simulation
Standing wave
Standing longitudinal wave
Statistical mechanical simulator
Two stroke engines
Uniform circular motion
Wave game
Wheatstone's bridge